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Successful Real Estate Investing When Out of State | Charlotte Property Management Guide

Successful Real Estate Investing When Out of State | Charlotte Property Management Guide

Charlotte is an outstanding rental market for out-of-state investors, but owning and managing a rental property from afar comes with a lot of risk and challenges. You need to have someone local who can be your eyes and ears. You also need good communication and the peace of mind that your property will be protected and profitable – even when you’re many miles away.

At Southern Living Property Management & Investments, we work with a lot of local landlords as well as investors from other cities, states, and even other countries. We know how to help you have a successful investment experience in Charlotte even when you’re not here physically.

Technology and Communication Protect Your Property

It’s always important for property managers to communicate well with their owners, but when those owners live far away from their investments, it’s even more essential. A good Charlotte property manager will facilitate easy communication so you know how your property is performing. We provide an online portal, where you can see everything from rental payments to accounting statements and inspection reports. It's also an effective way to get in touch with us – you can send a message or ask a question easily, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Innovative technology and great online software systems help out-of-state investors follow the performance of their properties. You can log in from anyplace in the world and at any time and see how your property and your tenants are doing. It provides great peace of mind and keeps us transparent and accountable.

Responding to Routine and Emergency Maintenance

As an out-of-state investor, you need to know that your property will be well-protected. You cannot respond to maintenance issues from where you are, even if they’re emergencies. So, you’ll need a management company that answers their phone 24 hours a day in case there’s a fire or a flood or some other disaster at the home which requires an immediate response.

We take care of routine maintenance right away and we have an emergency hotline for after-hours incidents. We have preventative plans in place so that your investment remains in excellent condition and growing in value.

Our Charlotte property management team conducts thorough move-in, move-out, and mid-term inspections. We will be at the property even when you can’t, and you’ll find detailed inspection reports with photos uploaded into your portal.

Tenant Relationships and Retention

As an out-of-state investor, you’ll also lean heavily on your property managers when it comes to finding, placing, and retaining high-quality residents. We take care of the entire tenant relationship, and because we work well with our residents, we’re able to reduce and even eliminate late rental payments, lease violations, and property damage. Our tenants know what we expect from them, and we communicate openly and transparently.

Property managerIf you’re an out-of-state investor who owns rental homes in Charlotte or is considering an investment property here, please contact us. At Southern Living Property Management & Investments, we’re a Charlotte property management company serving single-family & multifamily owners throughout the Queen City metropolitan area and in South Carolina cities in York and Lancaster Counties, including Rock Hill, Indian Land and Fort Mill.