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How to Get Your Charlotte Investment Property Rent Ready

How to Get Your Charlotte Investment Property Rent Ready

Before you can find a great tenant for your Charlotte investment property and begin collecting rent, you need to make sure it’s ready for the market. This requires some maintenance, some cleaning, and an understanding of what prospective residents are going to want to see when they come to view your property.

At Southern Living Property Management & Investments, we are a Charlotte property management company who has high standards for both the tenants we place and the properties we rent out. We’re sharing some of the things we do when we’re making your rental property ready.

Offering an Outstanding Charlotte Rental Home

If you want to attract great tenants, you have to offer a great property.

Don’t list your home if the paint is peeling, the counters are dirty, and tiny bug corpses are visible in the corner. Good tenants aren’t going to move into a home that looks like that.

Our process is to do a complete inspection of the property and create a list of what needs to be done before it’s ready for the rental market. We provide that list to the owner and discuss why each item is so important. We’re not trying to create needless expenses; we’re instead protecting the condition of your home and setting you up for a successful lease term.

Setting a Standard for Charlotte Tenants

Another good reason for close attention to detail when making your property rent-ready is that you’re setting a standard for how you expect your tenants to maintain the property.

If you throw open the doors and there are bugs on the floor and bad smells and trash in the yard, you’re telling them it’s okay to live that way while they’re in your home.

If you deliver a home that’s so clean it shines and everything is in good working order and ready for occupancy, your tenants will understand that you expect to get the home back in pristine condition as well.

You want to attract residents with a high standard of living, and to do that, you have to make sure your investment property reflects what they’re looking for, which is not dust and cracked windows.

Create Some Curb Appeal to Attracts Potential Renters

You understand the power of first impressions, and we work hard to make first impressions count. We do this with fantastic curb appeal that makes your Charlotte rental property look as appealing and inviting as possible.

Evaluate the home’s exterior, and if you think it can benefit from fresh paint or a quick power wash, get to work on those things. Make sure the lawn is mowed and well-landscaped. Remove any debris or trash bins. Clean out the gutters and trim back the tree branches. Make sure there isn’t any overgrowth that’s covering the windows. Check the exterior lighting and make sure the front door is clean, free of cobwebs, and welcoming.

If the front of your property doesn’t look great, your prospective tenants won’t bother going in to see it. Create an attractive first impression.

Property managerThese are just a few ways in which you want to make your property ready for the rental market in Charlotte. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Southern Living Property Management & Investments. We are a Charlotte property management company serving single-family & multifamily owners throughout the Queen City metropolitan area and in South Carolina cities in York and Lancaster Counties, including Rock Hill, Indian Land and Fort Mill.